Generation Catch-up report

Explore the research into the long-term effects of the pandemic with insights and ideas fromschool leaders on how to close the gap.

Our survey of 500 primary and secondary schools has revealed that almost all school leaders believe pandemic learning gaps still impact children's learning. But schools are tackling these effects and improving outcomes for pupils.

Inside the 'Generation Catch-up' report, you'll get the data on the long-term impacts of Covid across different schools and the strategies and institutions put in place to tackle them.

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"The research shows that when it comes to pandemic learning gaps, all schools are in the same boat, which is both horrifying and and reassuring. Fortunately, everyone is working towards the same goal - teachers, children and parents - and with great teaching and learning we can look forward with hope."

Peter Hall, Assistant Headteacher, Beacon Academy Secondary School

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Resources to close the learning gap

Only with the right insights and techniques will teachers and schools be able to tackle the long-term effects of the pandemic. 

To support schools, we’ve curated several practical resources to help bridge these gaps, from tools to track and monitor pupil progress across the curriculum to measuring the academic success of key groups and interventions put in place.